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About Us

Cédric Azemat has been passionate about martial arts since his adolescence. His practice turned to Wing Chun in the early 2000s. Since then, he has opened several schools in France, and from his professional activities, the idea of creating a brand of martial arts articles emerged.

We opened the site quite a few years ago. Now we have decided to group everything together under in order to offer our articles throughout the world.

Our company is based in the South West of France, in Mazamet

cedric azemat


Martial arts have been my way of life for over 20 years. The day I decided to launch my own brand, it was clear to me that the name could only be TAO.

I want you to feel through my products, the passion and dedication I have for martial arts.

Thank you for those who trusted me from the beginning.

Cédric Azemat

Giving Back
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